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Welcome Friends!
The purpose of this blog is to share with others my experiences, feelings, thoughts, and advice about weight loss and living a healthy and sustainable life.
Honestly, I never thought I would start a blog, but then again I never thought I would make YouTube videos that document my weight loss journey but I have.
Most of you who are reading this probably already know about my YouTube channel

Some months ago I've started to think that being overweight is more a state of mind, than a physical problem.
You must have wondered why some people in your office or school remain thin even though they don’t diet. While other people stay fat even if they try almost everything to lose weight.
I was one of them, no matter what I did to try to lose weight, my body fought me tooth and nail, and in the end, it always won. After years of banging my head against the wall and trying to force myself to lose weight, I had to concede that, as long as my body wanted to be fat, the situation was hopeless.

Not a good way to live, and definitely not the way I want.

Then something changed.


In April of 2011, I was inspired by a book to change the way I thought about food and how I treated my body with what foods I was putting in it.
I weighed in at 164.3 lbs and was considered overweight by almost all standards.
Physically I could no longer enjoy everyday activities like going for a walk in the park, or bike riding along the shore because my body would quickly get fatigued.
And although I have been a vegetarian for a number of years now, I did not have a nutritious diet.
And then I had a “light-bulb” moment thanks to a friend of mine who managed to change her life. I realized I had to make a change in my life too.
I had to become healthy. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have a chance to live a full and enjoyable life. I wanted to be free of the prison that I felt in my unhealthy body.


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