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The Gabriel Method: my review

The Gabriel Method: does it really make you thin without dieting or exercise?

Gillian Johnson
As soon as I've stopped my diet and started this program I've lost weight - you can read my full story here.
I'm really in love with The Gabriel Method, and it's a pleasure for me to write this review.
I know that Jon Gabriel already provided a lot of testimonials on his website, and that thousands of happy costumers are sending him their thanks and appreciations (you can read about them here) - but still I want provide people with my personal review about a program that helped me a lot.

This blog is open for comment, so if you want to talk about your experience, or if you seek advice, feel free to leave a comment.

In this review, I’ll try to answer the most common questions people ask about this program.
  • What is "The Gabriel Method"?
  • Is this method really able to make me lose weight?
  • Is it a scam? 
  • Do I get some bonus for purchasing this course?
  • Can I get a refund if it turns out that I really don’t like it?
  • Do you have any proof of the effectiveness of the method?

What is "The Gabriel Method"?

The Gabriel Method is a lifeline for many obese people who have lost hope that they would ever win the battle against excess weight. Jon Gabriel was himself obese - over 400 pounds – and the book bears testimony that ‘The Gabriel Method’ works.
This method teaches you to tune in to what the body wants. It helps you – through a number of mind adjusting methods – to lose weight without adopting any type of particular diet or going through a strenuous exercise regime. This concept is pretty hard to explain, maybe it's better to listen about it from Jon Gabriel himself:

The methods outlined in his book work and there is absolutely no doubt about this. Jon has been awarded the prestigious ‘Lifting up the World with Oneness-Heart’ that has been conferred to many outstanding individuals for their dedication and inspirational work such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Richard Gere and Muhammad Ali among others.
His work is amazing and his findings are accepted and upheld by the medical fraternity – which by itself is a remarkable testimony.
Click here if you want to read more about the Gabriel Method

Is this method really able to make me lose weight?

jon gabriel
Jon Gabriel
The book and system has a very interesting history behind it.
Jon was supposed to fly on the ill-fated United Airlines 93 flight that had been hijacked on September 11, 2001.
That event completely changed his life.
Jon is a Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) Economics graduate. He is also a very accomplished bio-chemist who worked with the internationally acclaimed biochemist Dr Jose Rabinowitz.
He used this background and his excellent research skills to identify, understand and eliminate all causes that lead to obesity.
What he found was amazing. He discovered that weight gain is more a psychological than physiological process.
The body is designed to survive and fight for survival. When it starts gaining weight for no apparent reason, it is because it interprets the external environment as one of famine, and therefore it (the body) clings to all the fat possible in order to ensure survival.
The Gabriel Method teaches you to let the body diagnose its problems and balance itself. Though he does not advocate any particular diet – which many readers complain about – he promoted a diet of fresh and unprocessed foods and light exercise.
He isolated two key hormones that play critical roles in weight gain – leptin and insulin – and through his method he teaches how to balance the production of these two hormones towards weight loss.

Is it a scam?

A lot of people are asking me this kind of question. How do you tell if a product or a course or a system is scam? For a product like this, selled on clickbank, there is one thing can reveal you if you’re facing a scam or a valid product: the refund rate.
An high refund rate should make a bell ring: if people are returning it in great number, then the product could be a scam. The approximate refund rate for The Gabriel Method is 0.17%, which is amazingly low, and implies that this system is definitely not a scam.

Do I get some bonus for purchasing this course?

Mp3 Audio Visualization Programs
The product we're talking about is not just an ebook. It's a full on line course, called The Total Transformation Package. The updated version of this course is composed by 12 videos, proven to be the best way to learn the Gabriel Method. In addiction to that, you'll receive an audio cd (or mp3) to listen when going to sleep (I find it really helpful to get to sleep - even if it's not its main purpose).
However, you may know that Jon Gabriel is famous for his book, The Gabriel Method. You will receive this book in a electronic format free of charge in the package.
You'll also get a remarkable collection of successful visualization programs by Jon Gabriel, an healthy cookbook and... even more. Some of the offers are time sensitive, so you may want to check
The Gabriel Method Main Site for all the details.

Can I get a refund if it turns out that I really don’t like it?

Yes, you can. This system is covered by a 60-day no question cash back guarantee from the payment processor ( As a result you can obtain a refund with no need to talk to the product owners - you can easily get it done via

Do you have any proof of the effectiveness of the method?

There are plenty of testimonials that agree with Jon Gabriel’s method and praise it as a 21st century masterpiece in weight loss methods. Jon himself is a walking-talking proof that the method indeed helps you lose weight. In fact, doctors are amazed about the drastic weight loss and the excellent condition in which Jon Gabriel is today.

Dr Jean Bokelman MD, Director if Endobiogenic Medical Center (University of Idaho) went so far as to request Jon’s approval to introduce a course by the same name. Dr Bokelman said that he had found in Jon’s method a most scientifically meaningful method to lose weight and he felt that this could be and should be taught to students of medicine to help the people at large.

This book might be one of the very few weight-loss programs that has completely dazzled the medical fraternity.

the gabriel method book
The Gabriel Method book
Dr Scott A Bernman MD FACS (Head of the Pennsylvania Center for Plastic Surgery), Dr Daphne Goldberg MD (Member of the Board of Directors, American Board of Holistic Medicine) and Dr Nimi Singh MD, MPH (MA Division Head, Adolescent Health and Medicine Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics) are among those who have endorsed ‘The Gabriel Method’ as a “remarkable book” which should be read and practiced by everybody who is overweight.
Those who read the book and experienced its positive impact are amazed not as much at the fact they are indeed losing weight, but for the fact they are losing it rapidly and suffer from no negative side-effects physiologically or physically.
The most often-encountered comment on the book is that ‘it works’, which is actually the bottom line of this review. You will also find a few negative critiques mostly on the fact that Jon has not prescribed any particular diet program that would enforce and uphold the life-principles he advocates. Paradoxically this is the very thing that attracts people to the book in the first place – the fact that it does not impose any diet or exercise regime.

The verdict for ‘The Gabriel Method’ is more than positive. Yes, the program is well made. Yes, the course is based on scientific premises that many reputed and respected professionals from the medical fraternity agree and recommend.
Yes, it works. In the end that is about all that matters.

A quick note here - if you are quick to scoff, if you are quick to judge, if you believe there is no mind - body connection, this method is not for you.

If Jon and thousands of others have used this method to lose (hundred-plus pounds in many cases) then everybody who truly wishes to succeed can do it as well. This book and system delivers.

Buy it and use it. You will be happy you did - Click Here To Get Full Access Now



kathy fredrickson said...

I’m using this method too. In fact, I’ve read the book, I’ve done the nightly visualization audio track to which I actually fell asleep - which was strange, since heretofore I couldn't sleep without white noise of some sort.
During the first 12 weeks, during which I did nothing BUT listen to the audio track - no dietary changes - I lost 16 lbs. I've done SMART mode exactly one time.
I NEVER did the "eating the sun" exercise, did not do the other daily visualizations, nor did I ever have the first shot of wheatgrass juice.
I DID, however, clean up what I ate, a little bit over time - nothing drastic - and I added a good daily multi-vitamin/mineral, as well as Omega 3s (flaxseed in my morning oatmeal and fish oil caps at noon and night).
I started Sept 3, 2010, and lost 70+ lbs in a year.
My total to date is 77 lbs.
I haven't had a craving since Feb. 15, 2011, when I bought a 507-calorie pack of cookies that made it to the house and which is, for posterity, still sitting in a cookie jar, well past its expiration date. For the first time in my life - I turned 56 yesterday - I do not have food issues.
Now, I can go out for a sinful meal and cocktails without it turning into a weight-gaining nightmare. I can eat a couple of pieces of chocolate without wanting the whole bag - not that I'm much interested in many of the old dietary choices - many of the old demons simply never taste as good as I'd imagined, so I can actually stop after one bite if what I've chosen isn't delightful to the palate. 230 to 173 in a year didn't break any land speed records, but considering that I'd been on diets since age 10, I'd have to say that The Gabriel Method was a screaming success for me!!!
I'm 5'7" and wear 8's and 10's and it's a fabulous life - AT LAST. Yeah, my clothes hide a lot of flaws - you don't spend decades being overweight without some "leftovers"... heehee... after losing a lot of weight - yeah, there's some skin that may never tighten, etc. But, even that can't bring back the poor body image I had all my life.
Nothing works for everybody, but this program is worth ALL the money.

Jenna Reich said...

I bought this program on February 25 and started to follow it.
There were some thoughts in the book that really stayed with me and I incorporated them into my daily routine.
I decided to give my body the nutrients it needed before eating anything questionable and to do some visualization. I did not use Mr Gabriel's CD but just did it on my own. I did not think I was doing much different than I had been doing before reading trying the program.
however when I weighed myself on March 23 I was very surprised to find I had lost 10 pounds!
That’s better than I did when I spent over $300 on a well known food program that provided some really nasty tasting packaged meals and left me constantly hungry.
I’m reading the book again and plan to start listening Mr Gabriel's visualization program too.

Anonymous said...

This method is great.
It may not be the easiest and fastest way to lose weight, but unlike many diets it WORKS!
The gabriel method made me lose 30 lbs... there isn't much more to say,
I'm actually encouraging all my friends to try it.